BeatzCoin airdrop – Free BTZC tokens ~34$ – Earn Free Bitcoins, Free Token airdrop

BeatzCoin airdrop - Free BTZC tokens ~34$ - Earn Free Bitcoins, Free Token airdrop

New blockchain technology that brings value by building a decentralized media platform to empower the people Powered by Tron, built for the future

BeatzCoin: Revolutionizing the way we interact with digital content

BeatzCoin and VibraVid together contribute an ecosystem that allows creators and users a means of barter, peer-to-peer, for goods, services, through bounties, and as prizes. BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency which is the trade of value on the VibraVid platform (*)

Join BeatzCoin airdrop & get 375 BTZC tokens free

BeatzCoin airdrop – Free 375 BTZC tokens ~34$

Step-by-Step Guide:

Visit the BeatzCoin airdrop form (

+ Join their Telegram group:
+ Follow them on Discord
+ Follow them on Linkedin
+ Subscribe to their Reddit page
+ Subscribe to their Youtube channel
+ Submit your TRON wallet address and other details to the airdrop form.

You will receive 375 BTZC tokens.

If you don’t have a TRON wallet address, create one from here ( or How to Create a Wallet on TRON’s Explorer.

For more information about the airdrop, visit this Bitcointalk thread.

Check your airdrop participation status in this Spreadsheet.

I have joined BeatzCoin airdrop successful with id @thanhlamit

Max. Participants: 15,000


BTZC ICO Price: 1 BTZC = $0.09 

BTZC Total Supply: 3,000,000,000 BTZC

(*) VibraVid is here to change the way consumers interact with digital content, while increasing the revenue potential of content creators. It is a platform to view or listen to content created by artists on your desktop or mobile wherein creators and users are able to earn and spend revenue in a fair system that is user and creator centric. VibraVid will provide a platform for creators to upload, store, market, rent and sell their content to users with the added benefits of being able to crowdfund and sell merchandise and event tickets directly to their subscribers and fans. BeatzCoin is a cryptocurrency which will fuel the platform by allowing creators and users to exchange them, peer-to-peer, for goods and services, prizes and bounties.



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