EAR Airdrop – Free 188 Tokens

EAR token

EAR Airdrop – Free 188 Tokens

About EAR

The era of blockchain has arrived, usher in the popularity of the development by the end of 2017, the ICO project at the rate of dozens of daily increase, The biggest problem they face is promotion.


EAR token

EAR Airdrop – Join and earn 188 token

EAR will have a 5W + blockchain user base, which will help blockchain distribute candy, on the one hand, and On the other hand will help users more easily get and manage their own candy.

The future of the blockchain world, candy may only get through the EAR, Luckily, you’ve followed us since our birth!

Introduction:EAR make all users share the blockchain promotion bonus, return all channel profits to end-users. We ask the project to the top 1000 users special rewards. We are the first starters, so most of them will be here! There are 188 EAR registrations and invitations, Limited 30 million. Hurry Up!

Register here: http://candy.ear.one/signup

After Submit, Join Channel (necessary), And Join EAR Group

Copy verification code (1) and paste sent to the EAR Group (1)


Our Value
We accurately link the block chain project and the airdrop user, the bigger proportion creates value for the user
we do not carry the value, we enlarge the value!

Now EAR is second of the candies of confectionery, and it is believed that a period of effort is expected to become the first brand.

The promotion of block chain projects is the first problem faced by a project success, and we can help customers to accomplish this goal more accurately.

About ear token

Users are now aware of the benefits of the project, such as airdrop, and EAR will give a greater percentage of airdrop to the user.

Sharing the interests of the distribution channels to the holders of the EAR is truly a distribution of benefits to the users, and a spirit of advocacy in the block chain industry.




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