Earn Free 50 CWX Token with Crypto-X

CWX Token

What is Crypto – X?

Crypto – X is a new decentralized peer-to-peer gateway that connects Planet Earth to Cryptographic Digital Assetization. Operating on the Ethereum Blockchain; Crypto – X will develop a fully functional encrypted basic income generating system for low – wage citizens to join to enable them the ability to project themselves to higher levels.

CWX Token

Earn CWX Token free with Crypto-X

Utilizing the Crypto – X protocol, users are able to hold, transfer, and earn their collective financial assets in a decentral monetized digital centre (crypto-currency wallet) that is fully encrypted beyond the control of financial restrains. You can earn revenue with ease!

By owning a Master node 2.0 with Crypto-X , no longer will supporters of a master node network be required to invest in expensive mining hardware for minimal returns. They will no longer configure and excessively monitor staking systems with large investments. No more growing power costs or hardware replacements/maintenance. No more tech savvy set-up or know-how required! Just HODL the minimum balance of 50,000 CWX tokens and you will earn revenue from a master node 2.0.

You can HODL these coins in ANY Ethereum wallet that supports custom erc-20 tokens!

Earn CWX Token Free

Please carefully follow the instructions in order to be eligible for participation in this AIRDROP:

–You should have a Bitcointalk forum account

–Like, share any post, and follow the official Crypto-X Twitter: http://twitter.com/cryptox10

–Join our Telegram group: https://t.me/cwxcryptox
***Fill in the form below: ***
Provide the following information – Bitcointalk Username, Eth Address, Twitter Profile URL, Telegram Username.


Fill Google form

Application deadline is 10th of February 2018 or until 10 000 applications are completed. First AIRDROP distribution will take place 7 days afterwards.



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