Fox Trading – New ICo Free FXT Token

Earn Fox Trading FXT Token free

Fox Trading – Exclusive Trading Service for Forex and Cryptocurrencies

Fox Trading Platform. Through a desktop Dashboard and iOS/Android app, ICO investors will get lifetime access to the exclusive and easy to use Fox Trading service, where they will receive signals for trading and also access to the benefits of the Trading Pool, only by holding the tokens. We also offer an Autotrading service to Premium investors where they will be able to copy the system signals automatically in his broker receiving 100% of the benefits.

Earn Fox Trading FXT Token free

Earn Fox Trading FXT Token free

The services described at the top are going to be payment services, with FXT tokens, for new users which had not participated on the ICO.


  • Exclusivity: The service is only given to a limited number of users to avoid losing performance, one of the keys to our success
  • Experienced team: More than 2 years with a working algorithm and providing services to more than 1500 users
  • Success: A real successful company with accumulated gain over 350% during 2016 and 2017
  • Smart Trading: 100% hand-free Autotrading system that eliminates the psychological effect to your trades and use the time for your hobbies instead of follow signals all the day
  • Multiplatform Service: Users will have web Dasboard and iOS/Android app being able to receive trading signals and check the performance of Trading Pool
  • Security and low fees: Using Blockchain technology the security and low fees are guaranteed
Why choose fox trading

Why choose fox trading


What is FXT

Fox Trading Token (FXT) is based on Ethereum Blockchain using standard ERC-20 contracts with a final price of $0.68.

The token will give direct access to the investors to future Fox Trading service and also to receive 75% of the benefits earned by the Trading Pool. Only by holding the tokens, contributors will receive proportionally benefits of our investments.

Unsold tokens during the ICO are going to be burned, however burning function is permanently available in this manner Fox Trading will burn tokens periodically to create deflationary currency ensuring value increase for our investor shares.

FXT Token will be no transferable until the end of the ICO.

How to earn FXT Token

Very easy, register here:


Register account and claim your FXT Token

Register account and claim your FXT Token

To claim your tokens -> Join BOUNTY PROGRAM

Claim FXT Token

Claim FXT Token

When is Fox Trading token going to be transferable?

You will receive Fox Trading tokens automatically into your wallet after you send ETH to the Crowdsale Contract address. However, Fox Trading tokens are not going to be transferable till the ICO ends. Don’t send it or you will lose it.

When is Fox Trading token going to be listed on Exchanges?

One of the priorities of the team is to list Fox Trading token in most of the exchanges! Social media will be updated once we have new agreements with the exchanges. We are not expecting issues on the listing as we have ERC20 structure which is common in most of the exchanges.



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