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Free Token airdrop

This article talks about list free token airdrop, it also guide: How to join airdrop, how to receive free token for beginners.

How to join airdrop and get free token

Please read before Join:

Here we are not promoting any site or project. If any Token Airdrop ask you to download their wallet or anything to join their Airdrop then use to know if that wallets are infected with virus or not.

  • Never share your Private key of wallet.
  • Some Airdrops ask you to sent some ETH to their wallet for recovering their transaction or contract fee, mostly they are scammer so Send any Ethereum on your own risk. Also some of them ask you to join their Signature campaign. Maybe we might have written a name twice by mistake. Some Airdrops are not started or they posted as Pre-Airdrop.
  • When/if we add note after the name of airdrop is for real time it may change later in their airdrop but not here.

Requirements to start earning from free token airdrop:

You must have at least one account at:

Bitcointalk, Telegram, Twitter, Facebook… (Easy to register)

We suggest you to use MyEtherWallet (MEW) for Ethereum wallet – Guide Here

Exchanges Sites: LiveCoin, HitBTCBit-zBinance – after receive free token, you can deposit to exchange site and sell it

My Telegram:

I usually update new free airdrop, new bounty on my Facebook Page:

Follow my page, you will get High Quality Airdrops update daily & guide to Join airdrop.

Ex: Join telegram airdrop




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