Penta Coin – blockchain platform for Blockchain 4.0


Penta Coin – blockchain platform for Blockchain 4.0.

What is Penta Coin

Penta is the next generation underling blockchain platform for Blockchain 4.0 and is the connector for all future blockchain world. The rapid development and deployment of blockchain technology has created a wide variety version of blockchain and systems that lacks interoperability and interconnection between different types of Blockchain solutions. Without interoperability current blockchain solution cannot effectively connect and work seamlessly with real world solutions.

Penta – is the connector for all future blockchain world.

Penta designed mechanism with 5 essences: Identity, Trust, Value, Scenarios, and Empowerment to connect to various network of blockchain systems and centralized systems seamlessly. With Penta Universal Connector and ultimate interoperability, Blockchain technology will truly be universal technology with higher adoption.

Vision and Philosophy

The core of Penta team members come from the leading global scientific & leading organizations and financial institutions. Team members from NASA, Wikileaks, Google, Morgan Stanley, ABNAMRO and Bavaria Bank etc. They accumulated a wealth knowledge and experiences independently and when combined as core Penta team members the combined knowledge and experience with profound deep understanding and interpretation on the development of science and technology, society, economy, business & finance development cycle will propel Penta development to a new height. When the blockchain gradually becomes a global mainstream technology, this is where the Penta Universal Connector will be a cornerstone in the world of true Blockchain interoperability.

Penta designed to connect to various network of blockchain systems and centralized systems seamlessly

Five-dimensional Connection

Penta originates from Pentacle. In ancient time Pythagoganism is worship and admire Pentacle, which is regarded as a symbol of the birth of “Five Times Interlacing” It is the symbol of life and future to explore the cause-effect relationship of all things, to trace the historical trajectory and development of the interlaced network and connect the universal life.”

The core architecture of Penta corresponds to the mechanism with 5 essences, which are ‘Entity’, ‘Trust’, ‘value’, ‘Scenarios’ and ‘empowerment’ Penta will be the connector of block chain world, which will empowers the future, also will facilitate the seamless block chain connection.

Earn Penta coin free – Token Airdrop

First at all, you must fill your ethereum address at

Fill ETH address (support ERC 20)

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