Qompass airdrop – free 10 QPS Token – Earn Bitcoins free & easy for newbies

what is Qompass


What is qompass

Qompass – Harnessing the Power of Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Active Leverage to power Crypto Trading.

Qompass – Blockchain for Financial markets

Blockchain for Financial markets

MCA-Managed Crypto Accounts

Qompass is introducing a New way to earn passive income on your Crypto investments. Earn up to 300% Per Month on your crypto ( Leveraged , NON leveraged ROI up to 30% – Cryptocurrencies can have swings of over 20% in a day ) . Using advanced Artificial intelligence and Neural network Algorithms combined with active leverage. Investors in the MCA program are able to earn such stress free income on their crypto holdings.

Qompass Trader

Qompass Trader is an advanced financial markets analysing,charting and forecasting Platform offering maximum security and anonimity designed on a dedicated blockchain.

Qompass Block Chain

We have developed a secured blockchain with smart contract capability to update traditional financials markets, Faster transactions, Smart contracts and Artificial intelligence Secured Explorer

What is QPS

QPS is a utility coin that powers the Qompass Platform, services such as subscription to the MCA program, Qompass Trader, and Qompass Terminal. The Crypto Incubator program will be paid with QPS coins. Qompass Mobile App together with Qompass Wallet make it easier to acquire, store and transfer Qps coins.
Qompass airdrop – receive 10 QPS Free

? Link to the AIRDROP: https://t.me/Qompass_bot

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