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Welcome to the official Refereum Supergroup!

Refereum (RFR) is a decentralized affiliate marketplace for games that pays YOU – not corporations

Refereum is a distribution and growth platform that cuts out the marketing middleman, enables higher profits for developers, and directly rewards influencers and gamers to promote and play games.

Refereum (RFR)

Refereum (RFR) is a decentralized affiliate marketplace for games that pays YOU – not corporations is already used by tens of thousands of streamers and gamers, and is the
easiest way to buy games on the blockchain.

RFR Tokens

The top 3 virtual currency utility uses of RFR tokens today are:
1. Anyone can buy games on using RFR tokens and view the receipt on chain
2. Game developers can pay RFR tokens to feature their game to get more traffic
3. Sellers of digital goods can pay to list their products for distribution by paying RFR tokens

With Refereum

Reward people, not companies
Major distribution companies demand 30% of total revenue from developers. Refereum’s scalable
influencer marketing redistributes these costs away from middlemen and towards gamers and
Make money playing video games
With Refereum, gamers earn money or even make a living playing video games — from simply
completing a tutorial to winning a competitive global esports tournament.
Secure Sales
Traditional influencer marketing is highly susceptible to fraud. Refereum token micropayments allow
fraud-free referrals — whether it’s for one friend or 1,000,000 followers. Additionally, developers
receive instant payouts and aren’t forced to deal with credit card chargebacks.
Established Community
With over 35,000 streamers and gamers already on the Refereum platform and thousands of fans
participating in the Discord channel, developers are thriving in this dedicated community.
Top Team
Our team of industry veterans apply their experience gained from working everywhere from Zynga
to Google, and our blockchain developers and partners are world-famous for their smart contract development.

Get Free RFR Token

Step 1: Sign up here

You can sign up account by facebook, twitch, email…
Join RFR Telegram channel here :

Refereum sign up

Refereum sign up

Check & Confirm

Check and Confirm…

Get started on earning points for Season 2! And keep an eye out for some big announcements!

Make RFR Token free

Make RFR Token free

Get free RFR Token

Get free RFR Token



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