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ShareChain – Global Sharing Credit Data Value Platform

What is ShareChain?

Share Chain is based on the shared economy of the underlying network of independent block chain, Objective Reconstruction to achieve the common economic ecology of credit intercommunication.

earn SSS Token

Join SHarechain – earn SSS Token

What is the mission of ShareChain?

Will blockchain technology sharing in the global economy new business in a specific application. Sharechain and shared economic in business can be applied to the depth of coverage and associated parts , that is duty-bound mission of Sharechain.

What is sharing economy?

Sharing economy refers to the temporary transfer of the right of use to improve the utilization of resources while the ownership remains unchanged. Uber and Airbnb, the pioneers of the global sharing economy, are already tens of billions of dollars. Yet the wave of sharing the economy is just the beginning, and the sharing economy will account for more than 30% of GDP in the future. China has made sharing the economy one of its policies.

What is SSS ?

SSS is ShareChain system encryption of digital currency. In addition to the “fuel” that the shared-chain intelligence contract has been executed, the services provided by the shared application can be consumed or used with SSS.

How to get SSS Token for free

Step by Step

First, join and paste your ETH address – Guide: How to use myetherwallet

Paste your eth address

Second, Join they SSS Telegram Group (1) & Paste your referral code (2)

Join Telegram group and earn SSS token

Token will sent after event

What is the Sharechain vision in 2018?

  • 2018,ShareChain will be connected to 20-50 sharing applications, which will actually cover 20 million to 50 million users, and the effective sharing data will be over 200 million to 500 million.
  • 2019,ShareChain will be connected to 100+ sharing applications, which will actually cover 50 million to 100 million users and effectively share 500 million to 2 billion pieces of data.
  • In the future,ShareChain will create an infrastructure for the shared economy, paving the way for a shared data-sharing economy and making it easier for more entrepreneurs to access the shared economy which could access shared data. Also it can achieve and help create more well-known shared applications that allow practitioners in the shared industry to share the shared chain.



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