STB Chain – Free 5 STB Token


STB – Global Software Asset First Chain


STB Chain (STB) is currently the world’s leading application of Blockchain technology in software, and is a decentralised, tamper-proof and completely traceable rights verification trading system. STB covers multi-field technology applications, a few examples being Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and SaaS cloud services.

STB Chain – Earn 5 STB Token for free

Scientific and technological achievement-based. Our goal is to establish a new ecosystem of distributed application software services with no borders. With the combination of Blockchain technology and the software industry, an effective copyright protection and trading platform will be established.

STB technology

STB technology

Earning 5STB Token

Step 1: Click STB Homepage

Step 2: Paste your ethereum address & submit

Fill ETH Address and Submit

Click to join the STB Telegram group.

Step 3 – [Importan!] Copy and send the following referral code to the STB group in Telegram

Copy Referral Code (2) and paste to Telegram group (1)

Ex: /code f9b9171b-41dc-4e2a-bc39-d5afd5bed4d3 COPY

After the event, we will verify STB offical telegram group, only the effective members in the group will finally get the rewards.



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